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Pokras Lampas, Founder of the Calligrafuturism Movement, Joins XDAO as Artistic Director


XDAO is embarking on a major collaboration with leading contemporary artist and influencer, Pokras Lampas, joining the company as Artistic Director.

We hope our collaboration will initiate further collaborations, as Web 3.0 must evolve in step with popular culture, enabling interaction between advanced technology and end users.

— Pokras Lampas, XDAO Art Director

SINGAPORE, May 19, 2022 / — XDAO, the bespoke provider of ultra-secure and ultra-easy DAO utilities for business clients, has become one of the first crypto companies in the world to enter into a collaboration major with leading contemporary artist and influencer Pokras Lampas joins the company as artistic director.

Known for his epic street art installations and a fully fledged modern calligraphy art entrepreneur with a burgeoning video and graphics production studio, clothing line and branded collaborative project practice, Pokras Lampas seeks to take XDAO messaging to a new visual level by communicating its values ​​and telling the story of its customers through art. Pokras Lampas is the founder of the Calligrafuturism movement, which uses calligraphy to merge different cultures, achieving balance and harmony. The artist is represented worldwide by the Opera Gallery group, where his works of art can be viewed and larger projects commissioned.

Although XDAO is not the artist’s first commercial client, having worked closely with brands such as FENDI, Lamborghini, Esquire, NIKE, adidas and Apple to name a few, with XDAO Pokras Lampas manages to conceptualize and implement the entire artistic direction of the company. , being the final authority on the development of XDAO’s visual identity with respect to the artist and company’s shared values ​​of independence, mutual aid, self-reliance, open borders, personal freedom and individual responsibility.

Open to businesses since November 2021, XDAO’s framework platform offers point-and-click functionality for building DAOs, removing all the complexity and routine decision-making from the process of establishing a DAO for an organization. XDAO products and services are popular with various types of business customers, including hedge funds, charities, sports clubs, gaming guilds, real estate developers, and financial managers. Clients are drawn to decentralized and transparent fund management platforms that offer the ability to make collective decisions and assume joint financial responsibility.

“We are thrilled to have a major modern artist join our team in his primary creative capacity,” said Vlad Shavlidze, CEO and Founder of XDAO. “With Pokras Lampas, we will start by telling our story using viral augmented reality videos, his calling card, which will communicate our ideology to the widest possible audience through images, videos and music.”

XDAO is now part of the very rarefied club of crypto companies, which uses great personalities in the art to communicate their messages to a mass audience. XDAO is the first to integrate into its corporate team a real street artist who can explain obscure fintech technology to ordinary people through art.

XDAO/Pokras Lampas aren’t just planning a redesign of XDAO’s enterprise messaging. The collaboration also aims to explain the transformative value of XDAO products and services to its customers.

“We plan to show how XDAO can help people create a new reality, one where they can be empowered by self-organizing,” said XDAO Art Director Pokras Lampas. “We hope that our collaboration will initiate other collaborations with major artists, because Web 3.0 must evolve at the pace of popular culture, allowing interaction between cutting-edge technology and end users.”

Although XDAO’s solution is designed to appeal to high-end product-oriented non-techies, being to DAO what iPhone versus Android is to smartphones, it is one of the most secure DAO platforms on the market. , having excelled in multiple hack and stress tests. . XDAO has passed two security audits and is trusted by some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry, such as Binance Smartchain, HECO Chain, Polygon, Near Foundation, and Optimism.

Currently, XDAO is experiencing explosive growth in assets under management, a trend that is expected to continue due to the inherent features and benefits of the XDAO platform.

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