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Randolph County Art Association Presents 68th Annual Art Show | News

Last Thursday night, artists and art lovers gathered at the historic Arts Depot in Union City to await the announcement of the winners of the 68th Annual Art Association of Randolph County Art Show. Guests mingled while enjoying refreshments and admiring the artwork on display as they awaited the announcement.

Amateur and professional artists from across the region had works on display, many of which were also for sale. Honorable mentions went to “Mystery is my Valentine” by Sontina Reid of Richmond; “Spiritual Spectacular” by Vernon Bedel of Muncie; “A Mother’s Perfection” by Robert Jordan Myers of Farmland; “Jungle Armadillo” by Ann Barnell of Modoc; “A Seat at the Table” by Sheila Piazza de Muncie; “The Rusty Bucket” by Selena Burk from Union City, Ohio; “Glowing” by Sally Hughes of Richmond; “Pieces of the Puzzle” by Carol Sexton of Richmond; “Maniacal Fiction” by Scott Anderson of Hartford City; “I Wouldn’t Call It Wooly Britches If I Were You” by Joshua Shepherd of Union City, Indiana; and “Scrambled Eggs” by Tom Butters of Greensfork. Each honorable mention also received $10.00.

Yorktown’s Jean McCauley received $25.00 and Best Amateur Paint for his “Hello Yellow”. Winchester Auto & Truck sponsored the award for Best Sculpture. This award plus $50.00 went to Vernon Bedel of Muncie for his “Horse Heaven”.

Ted Leahey sponsored the photography awards. Best Amateur Cinematography and $25.00 went to Philip Huntwork of Winchester for “Raindrops”. Top Professional Photographer and $50.00 went to Greg Sommer of Ridgeville for “Mansion Basement”. The Patricia Trocano Award for Best Work by an Artist Over 65 went to “Cherry Blossoms” by Jean Selanders of Greenville, Ohio.

The Carolyn Woods Award for Best Pastel was sponsored by Lynn Veterinary Hospital. This prize and $100.00 went to Carol Strock-Wasson of Union City for “Cardinal Ethenol”. Sandy’s School of Dance sponsored the award for Best Mixed Media. This prize and $50.00 went to Jean Selanders of Greenville, Ohio for “Art Is…”.

Citizens Bank sponsored the portrait awards. Best Amateur Portrait and $25.00 went to Lynn’s Sheryl Thurston for “Tousled”. Best Professional Portrait and $50.00 went to Carol Sexton of Richmond for “Morning Coffee”.

The Barb Landess Gentry Award for Best Watercolor and $200.00 went to “Long Forgotten Chair” by Selena Burk of Union City, Ohio. The Beulah Wise Award for Best Oil Painting and $100.00 went to Anderson’s Patrick Kluesner for “Girls of Summer”. Key Chiropractic sponsored the Indiana/Ohio Best Landscape Award. This award and $50.00 went to Phillip Erbaugh of Brookville, Ohio for “Stop Sign”.

Uniflex Relay Systems sponsored the Best Animal Awards. Best Amateur Animal and $50.00 went to Stanley Garrett of Union City, Indiana for “Springtime”. Best Professional Animal and $150.00 went to “Aries” by Barbara Stump of Portland.

The Kylee Wells Awards for Best Drawing were presented by Cobie Wells. Best Amateur Drawing and $100.00 went to Anita Jones of Parker City for “Alpha & Omega”. Best Professional Drawing and $200.00 went to Sterling Gregory of Greenville, Ohio for “Visionquest”.

The Merchants Bank of Indiana sponsored the Best Show award. A representative from the Spartanburg branch of the bank presented the award and $500.00 to Pam Frazier of Indianapolis for her painting “Tupac”. The award-winning artwork hung above an old radio next to Frazier’s other “Louis” painting. Paintings of two music icons Louis Armstrong and Tupac Shakur with an antique radio between them look very appropriate.

Other artists whose works have been exhibited include Kimberly Anderson of Hartford City; Peggy Hoover of Winchester; Bobby Manning of Ridgeville; Ruth McDaniel of Greenville, Ohio; Lylanne Musselman of Eaton, Indiana; Margie Prim of Muncie; Lucinda Booher of Orland, Indiana; Valeta Bridgewater of Richmond; Kimberly Cox of Union City, Indiana; Jeanne Felmy of Richmond; Celeste Fisher of Winchester; Ruth Kingman of Winchester; Charlene Manifold of Winchester; Amanda Mote of Union City, Indiana; Lesa Norman of Muncie; Linda Puccini of Union City, Indiana; Brian Walters of Troy, Ohio; Venna Werner of Richmond; and Shirley Wise of Richmond.

These works of art will remain on display at the Arts Depot in Union City until April 12. The Depot’s normal hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Arts Depot will then begin preparations for its 49th Annual High School Art Show. The art will be chosen from students at six area high schools to be exhibited at the Arts Depot from April 24 through May 6. Each of the artists selected to participate will receive art supplies funded by a grant from the Community Foundation of Randolph County.

Winners of the 68th Annual AARC Art Exhibition

“Tupac” – Pam Frazier

“Summer Girls” – Patrick Kluesner

Pro, $200: “Vision Quest” – Sterling Gregory

Amateur, $100: “Alpha and Omega” – Anita Jones

Best IN/OH Landscape, $50

“Stop Sign” – Phillip Erbaugh

Pro, $300: “Aries” – Barbara Stump

Amateur, $150: “Springtime” – Stanley Garrett

“Long Forgotten Chair” – Selena Burk

Citizens Bank: best portrait

Pro, $50: “Morning Coffee” – Carol Sexton

Amateur, $25: “Tousled” – Sheryl Thurston

Sandy’s School of Dance: Mixed Media

Pro, $50: “Art is…” – Jean Selanders

Carolyn Woods Award: Best Pastel, $100 – by Lynn Veterinary Hospital

“Cardinal Ethenol” – Carol Strock Wasson

Patricia Trocano Prize:

“Cherry Blossoms” – Jean Selanders

Pro, $50: “Mansion Basement” – Greg Sommer;

Amateur, $25: “Raindrops” – Philip Huntwork

Winchester Auto & Truck:

“Horse Heaven” – Vernon Bedel

Best Amateur Painting, $25

“Hello Yellow” – Jean McCauley

“Scrambled Eggs” – Tom Butters

“I wouldn’t call it Woolly Britches if I were you” – Joshua Shepherd

“Manic Fiction” – Scott Anderson

“Pieces of the Puzzle” – Carol Sexton

“Brilliant” – Sally Hughes

“The Rusty Bucket” – Selena Burk

“A Seat at the Table” – Sheila Piazza

“Jungle Armadillo” – Ann Barnell

“A Mother’s Perfection” – Robert Jordan Myers

“Spiritual Show” – Vernon Bedel

“Mystery is my Valentine” – Sontina Reid

The show is open Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and ends on April 12.