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Redwood Art Association’s new exhibition focuses on the city – Times-Standard


The latest show from the Redwood Art Association celebrates the town of Eureka.

“Eureka”, a thematic exhibition, is on display at RAA Gallery – 603 F St. in Eureka – until March 13. The gallery’s opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. An Arts Alive! reception is set for Saturday March 7 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

“Our city is a wonderful place to live, work, play and visit with its proximity to natural beauty and with friendly people. The art in this exhibit examines the people, architecture, food, natural beauty, the waterfront, murals, parks, the zoo and more, ”said Roy Grieshaber, former president of RAA who continues to sit on the association’s board of directors.

Commenting on the exhibit, Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman said, “The town of Eureka is rich in character and people, as well as natural and man-made beauty, and I think that’s what it is. which makes it a pretty compelling theme for an art show.

Erica Brooks – RAA board chair and exhibition committee member – said the Redwood Art Association holds several thematic exhibitions each year.

“I came up with the theme ‘Eureka’ while writing the program for the exhibition,” she said. “The theme ‘Eureka’ can be interpreted freely by the artist, but many paintings and photographs of buildings and scenes in the city have been submitted.”

Longtime photographer Jon Exley – a member and volunteer of the Redwood Art Association – has two images on the “Eureka” show.

“I have lived in Eureka for 10 years and have been visiting since the early 1980s when a member of my family moved here,” he said. “Maybe it’s the love of photography and the art scene that has kept me here since my retirement, because there are certainly enough photos to take and paintings to paint for that matter.

“Just yesterday,” Exley added, “I went for a walk to the Humboldt Wildlife Refuge with my camera and four hours later got back in my car – this is what can happen. with time.

Pictured is a photograph by Jon Exley titled “Untroubled Waters”. This is one of two photos Exley has in the “Eureka” exhibit. (Courtesy of Jon Exley)

One of the photos presented by Exley shows students at Pine Hill Elementary School learning to take a scene and start drawing from local artist Paul Rickard.

“Paul is one of the best watercolor artists in the area and he volunteered his time that day to benefit these children as part of the Redwood Art Association’s community outreach,” said Exley, whose other photo is of the mouth of the Elk River near the Hikshari ‘Trail.

“I love this neighborhood,” he says. “You can walk left on the train tracks and stand over the river looking towards the bay and the pier. I really like that wooden wall on the side of the entrance to the river and on that day it reflected a golden sun and stood guard over the calmest waters I have ever seen there.

Steve Taylor, a member of the RAA, also featured works in the Eureka exhibition.

“Thematic exhibits can be difficult enough to get the best interpretation,” he said, “but the“ Eureka ”exhibit is an exhibit that suits me perfectly as I find such a powerful subject in architecture and j have an interest in our diverse region.

Taylor added, “The two pieces I have in the exhibit are quite different. One, the “Carson Mansion,” is a realistic portrayal (and) was a challenge from start to finish. So familiar with the iconic structure, I didn’t understand the intricate details until I devoted an embarrassing number of hours to the piece. The other, “Streets of Eureka,” was an outdoor work painted during Street Arts Week. It posed a whole different set of challenges, but the style is loose and rolls with movement. “

Founded in 1956, the Redwood Art Association is a community of artists and supporters who value art as an essential component of every aspect of culture today. New members are welcome.

“Being a member of the arts association has allowed me, and most certainly many others, to develop our craft and become part of a very active arts community here in the Humboldt area,” Taylor said.

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