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Release of the exclusive movie poster Pritilata: Biplob Saha as artistic director


The task of telling the story of Pritilata Waddar’s life through cinema has been taken up by UFORC productions, under the astute direction of Rashid Palash and scripted by famous lyricist Golam Rabbani; the character, Pritilata, would be introduced by leading actor Pori Moni.

The poster for the ambitious film project was released a day before Eid ul Azha 2021 and the mastermind behind the preparations for the poster was none other than famous designer Biplob Saha.
“I was a little skeptical at first when the executive producer of the film approached me, Ronju Chowdhury. But since Ronju is a longtime friend, I finally agreed to work on the project. It was a task. huge for me to change the facial features of the dazzling Pori Moni to Pritilata, who was perhaps a little less glamorous but with more valiant facial features. Her simplicity and yet the twinkle of the eyes, the unique and courageous expressions were to be captured. And Pori did it very well, ”Saha revealed.

Armed with a single solo photo of the revolutionary, Saha had to recreate the look of the glamorous actor. “It was really a pleasure to work with such an amazing character. I enjoyed doing all the research behind the costume, the adornments and the facial expressions. And so with the perfect team collaboration, we were able to give back. life in Pritilata and that too in an extremely short period of time. “

Pritilata Waddar, a name far too relevant to today’s independent Bengal and Bangladesh and yet not as celebrated as its contributions demand. A brave nationalist-revolutionary from the beginning of the 20th century, she fought against the British colonialist regime with strength and courage. His companions included famous names such as Masterda Surya Sen and Binod Bihari Chowdhury. Involved in numerous covert operations against the tyrannical regime, Pritilata chose to die with her own hands, poisoning herself with potassium cyanide at the age of 21, refusing to be captured and killed at the hands of enemy forces.
Production work on the film, Pritilata, is at a standstill for now with a hopeful continuation after the COVID restrictions are lifted. The likely release date is next year.

Model: Pori Moni (as Pritilata Waddar from Pritilata)
Make-up: Persona
Artistic direction, styling and choreography: Biplob Saha
Wardrobe: Bishwa Rang
Location: Canvas studio


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