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Rembrandt’s website gets a makeover Critique d’art%

This year marks the 350e anniversary of Rembrandt’s death in 1669. To commemorate this landmark event, the Getty Museum has announced the relaunch of a website that features high-resolution images of 14 of the Old Dutch masters’ paintings all of which belong to southern collections of California. Title Rembrandt in Southern California, the site is a joint effort of the Getty Museum in collaboration with the Hammer Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Norton Simon Museum and the Timken Museum.

Rembrandt in Southern California allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to view and study these paintings together in one place, ”says Timothy Potts, director of the Getty Museum. “For museum enthusiasts and visitors to Southern California, we hope they will use the website as a tool to enhance their tours and see all of these amazing paintings in person. Together these works tell the story of the extraordinary range and unprecedented achievement of one of the world’s most famous artists. ‘

The website, originally launched in 2008, not only gathered images of Rembrandt’s paintings and drawings, but also includes a number of resources including videos and podcasts. For the online collection, the Hammer Museum provided images of the two paintings it owns, the Getty provided five, LACMA provided three, the Norton Simon Museum three, and one from the Timken Museum of Art. The prints and drawings in the database were provided by some of the same museums and other collections.

“Rembrandt’s remarkable group of paintings in museums in Southern California represent almost every phase of the artist’s long career,” said Anne Woollett, curator of paintings at the Getty. “Together they provide a wonderful opportunity to experience fascinating history scenes, intriguing portraits and fascinating emotional states of heroic figures, as well as Rembrandt’s exhilarating range of painting techniques. “

It’s not the only Rembrandt event that allows people all over the world to have more Rembrandts in their lives. About 5,500 miles from LA, the Rijksmuseum has put on a massive exhibition of all the Rembrandts the museum has to offer (around 400). However, one of Rembrandt’s best-known paintings, Night watch, which was also the focal point of the exhibition, will soon be the subject of a large conservation project. Additionally, the process of removing varnish and repairing the effects of the 1975 knife attack will be broadcast online for people all over the world to watch. Rembrandt’s works have also been used to create an AI algorithm that can help authenticate works of art.

Rembrandt in Southern California is yet another way to help people all over the world discover the works of the old master. Seeing Rembrandt laughing in person is still the best way to experience the artwork, the renewed website offers a fantastic resource for those halfway around the world or right next door.

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