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Risca’s robotics director stars in a BBC TV show

A Risca native who works as a robotics product manager at Amazon will make a special appearance on national television this week.

Risca’s Phil Davies features on Dom Delivers, airing on BBC One on the 9thand May at 10:45 a.m. In the program, Phil and his colleagues give presenter Dom Littlewood a behind-the-scenes tour of Amazon.

The program shows a product’s journey from a third-party seller’s factory through Amazon’s fulfillment network, which includes the Amazon fulfillment center and delivery station in Bristol.

In the program, Dom visits one of the fulfillment centers that Phil helps run, where he sees how packages are put away, picked, and packed before leaving for delivery to customers.

Phil’s career began with an apprenticeship in electricity, working with a company that carried out maintenance for Her Majesty’s Prisons. His next role saw him work in a logistics and transport engineering role before joining Amazon nearly four years ago to work at the Bristol fulfillment centre.

At Amazon, Phil started working with Amazon Robotics and his career with the company took off. Today, after being promoted twice, Phil is a product manager at Amazon Robotics responsible for keeping a large network of buildings running smoothly. Phil, who works from his home in Risca, manages teams in the UK, EU, Japan and Australia.

During filming, Phil gave Dom and his team an introduction to advanced Amazon Robotics technology used to help employees at Bristol’s state-of-the-art fulfillment center. These robots, or robotic drive units, travel to various locations in the distribution center to pick up product shelves and deliver them to employees who put away new items or retrieve customer orders from the shelves.

Phil showed Dom how Amazon engineers use a wide range of technologies to help them work safely with Amazon Robotics. One of the safety innovations Dom observed during filming is how engineers use a robotic safety vest, which includes advanced science like AI and sensors, to send signals to robotic drive units. on the ground where they work.

Once other robotic drive units are made aware of the presence of the robotic safety vest, they will automatically slow down and update their route to avoid areas where the engineer is and will be working. This continuous flow of information helps keep the ground moving safely and efficiently.

Speaking during his national television appearance, Phil said:

“I enjoyed welcoming Dom to Amazon, and it was great to show him around our building. He was particularly interested in Amazon Robotics, so I showed him how our engineers use special safety vests to safely enter. security in the robot floor and Dom seemed to like it.

“During Dom’s visit, we also introduced him to some of the team working at Amazon in Bristol. Dom saw how we put away, pick and pack products for our customers before they leave for delivery. We all enjoyed the experience and found it really exciting.

“My friends and family are all buzzing about my TV appearance, but my baby girl was the most excited of them all. She seems to love seeing her dad on a screen and I’m sure the requests to watch the show on a catch-up basis will increase over the next few weeks!

Richard Griffiths, Site Manager for Amazon Bristol, added: “We are all very proud that Dom has chosen to visit our fulfillment center and I am delighted that the excellent work of the team here is being recognized on national television. . Hope our customers enjoy seeing behind the scenes of Amazon and learning what happens when you click “buy” on our website. »