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Rod Stewart says his manager prevented Live Aid from appearing


Rod Stewart said he only recently found out why he wasn’t a part of Live Aid in 1985.

Many expected him to take part in the global charity event, especially since he has just achieved worldwide success with his song “Some Guys Have All the Luck”. Rumors suggested he hadn’t been able to form a group in time to appear, but in a new interview with the BBC, he offered another account.

“We were actually supposed to do it,” said Stewart. “But a few members of the band told me that our ex-manager turned it down because I didn’t have the right media coverage. He only wanted me to do that if I was on CBS news at 10 am. He said. , ‘If not, he doesn’t.’ … That’s not what it was. It was to raise money for the kids. It wasn’t about the news channel you were going to be on in America. just to find out – I thought it was weird that I did not.

Stewart also explained why his new album, Tears of Hercules, includes a tribute to Marc Bolan with the track “Born to Boogie”. “We were drinking buddies and we had a lot of things in common,” he explained. “We all liked the same blues artists, and we all went shopping in the same place… so we met a lot.… We were at a festival with him, the Weeley Festival, in 1971. He was one. from the first Faces shows, and we wiped the floor with him. And he had the courage to come in and say, ‘Guys, I can’t keep up with you. You were so good. I was very impressed. I hope his fan club will love this song.

The singer also denied the rumor – apparently started by Steve Marriott – that he was using mayonnaise to style his hair. “Absolutely not true,” said Stewart. “The only thing I was using when I first started taking this ‘bouffant’, as it is called in France, was hot water and sugar. … I have never used mayonnaise. It’s ridiculous. Can you imagine the smell?

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