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South County Art Association spotlights 2D artists | Arts and life

KINGSTON, RI – As an artist specializing only in drawing, Mi Ok Song often found herself in competition with a large number of artists – photographers, potters, etc. – for a photo of his work chosen for an exhibition.

So, she was thrilled to learn that the South County Art Association’s current exhibit is all about two-dimensional media.

“I really liked the idea of ​​the show itself, because it was ‘paint, print and draw,’ and it was specifically for the people who paint, print and draw,” Song said. “And not the photographers, because they have their own show.”

Not only was Song’s work shown at SCAA’s annual Open Juried Paint, Print and Drawing exhibition, but she even won an award: her triptych – three separate drawings organized into one work. of art – won second place in the exhibition.

The triptych was one of 59 pieces chosen for the exhibition out of 142 entries by juror Lilla Samson, a recently retired member of the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Rhode Island.

There was no theme for the exhibit beyond simple “2D media,” said Jason Fong, SCAA’s director of exhibits. The annual exhibit started six or seven years ago, he said, after SCAA realized it lacked an exhibit focused specifically on 2D artists.

“The only opportunity these artists had before was our two all-media exhibitions, which were also jury-paneled exhibitions, and in those cases their work would be placed against sculpture, pottery, photography – pretty much anything and everything. whatever, ”Fong said. “So we started this exhibition primarily to focus on two-dimensional work – especially painting, printmaking and drawing.”

Members and non-members of the SCAA could submit their works for a nominal fee. The chosen works include both abstract and figurative works, such as landscapes and still lifes, Fong said.

“The juror chose a nice variety of works. If there’s something that unifies it, it’s probably the emphasis on color, ”Fong said. “It’s a very colorful spectacle, I would say.

Fong called Samson the “perfect choice for this exhibition”, and Samson said in his juror statement that the exhibition jury was “an exciting, but difficult process”.

“As this is an exhibition celebrating my three loves – printmaking, painting and drawing – my aim was also to find a balance, as much as possible, in the representation of all these media, as well as a balance between abstraction and representational work, ”said Samson.

In addition to choosing the pieces that would make up the exhibition, Samson also selected the first, second and third place winners of the exhibition, as well as his honorable mentions.

While awarding him the second prize, Samson called Song’s triptych of designs “wonderfully obsessive with markings and patterns, as well as a whimsical and playful subject” in his statement.

Honorable mention was given to Diane Brown, a longtime member of the SCAA who teaches at the association, for her oil and cold wax piece entitled “New Beginnings”.

“’New Beginnings’ resonated with me in terms of the textured surface and color,” Samson said in his statement.

Brown said she was “extremely grateful” that her work was chosen for the show, and she described the SCAA as “extremely well run, well organized and very popular.”

“The staff are always pleasant and always ready to help when you walk through the door,” Brown said. “Shows are always judged by the best people possible. “

Song agreed and said she plans to continue submitting her works to SCAA exhibitions in the future.

“It gives a lot of people who are struggling during the pandemic purpose, and I really believe art brings people together,” Song said. “So I encourage everyone to go to the show. “

SCAA’s annual open painting, printmaking and drawing exhibition runs until October 16. The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., and Fong said many of the pieces on display are on sale at prices chosen by the artists.