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Star Fox and F-Zero art director and director Takaya Imamura leaves Nintendo after 32 years

Nintendo producer, director and artist Takaya Imamura has announced he is leaving the company after 32 years.

The announcement came by Twitter and Facebook, without any other information and a photo of himself.

” Last day of work
Empty office and selfie (T ^ T)
When I think I’ll never come in here again
I am still sad.
Thank you for 32 years!

Translation: DeepL

Originally joining Nintendo in 1989 as a graphic designer, Imamura worked on F-Zero and Star Fox, also acting as a character designer for these games.

According to Nintendo Fandom wikia, the main characters of Star fox were based on the development team. Fox McCloud was Shigeru Miyamoto, Falco Lombardi was Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Peppy Hare was Katsuya Eguchi and Slippy Toad was Yoichi Yamada.

Imamura would later become the main artistic director of Star Fox 64 and F-Zero X. As artistic director of The Legend of Zelda: The Mask of Majora he designed Tingle, as well as Majora’s Mask and the Terrifying Moon.

Imamura would continue to be producer and supervisor on F-Zero and Star fox Games. His final titles were Star Fox Zero, Star Fox Guard, and Tank soldiers in 2016. He was also part of the Star Fox team for Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

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