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Thus, the case studies focused mainly on patron-client relationships and social stratification based on the ownership of rice terraces. Migration processes and cross-sectional capital flows between urban and rural areas determine the socio-economic conditions far more than the internal village dominance structures. A lasting change in the demographic structure leads to an increase in traditional and reciprocal regulations, since landowners are often no longer able to manage their own land.

The project has shown that traditional social forms can prove themselves to be appropriate adaptations to the living conditions of those affected, even under the conditions of a rapid socioeconomic upheaval. Rural regulations can thus assume the role of social services without being in any way the result of socially oriented concepts or intentions.

Improve current credit – this is how it works

Improve current credit - this is how it works

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Real Estate Secured Loans

Real Estate Secured Loans

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The new corporate strategy is to further develop VBRO into a Best Bank with a more balanced product mix and to reduce the relatively high percentage of loans secured by foreign currency real estate. The new business strategy aims to develop VBRO into a universal balanced product mix and a reduction in the comparatively high proportion of mortgage loans in foreign currencies.

The market entry in Romania was focused on real estate-secured loans to private and small corporate customers, predominantly in foreign currencies. I ‘is to operate in the Romanian market, with a strong focus on mortgage-related loans for retail and small business customers, the basis of which is not least in foreign currency.