Art director

The artistic director has revealed shocking facts about Radheshyam…

Can you tell a story with movie sets? This effort is seen in many films in the past. The house is seen in the film, the walls of the house, the mats, the colors of the walls are part of the story of the film. It’s all part of the product design. If this section is the same for small films, it is the same for large films. Production manager and designer Ravinder took over the responsibilities from Radheshyam, who is now set to be released.

Italy was brought to Hyderabad for the film Radheshyam. Ravinder said all of these things. Making period films is not new to us. However, this is the first time that a different period film has been made in our country. hyderabad created an atmosphere for the film radhe shyam which reflects the city of roman known as the mother of art. Ravindra, the art director, seemed anxious as the 1970s rolled around. It could have been seen as a challenge for a person of foreign origin.

There are so many houses, trains and hospitals for the film. Nothing in that order seems to be set. Much has been said about the arrival of the ship in the climactic scenes. How do you design a ship? However, Ravindranath is confident he can do it. One would have thought that such sets could also be made in the city of the movie ramoji. He said that Ramoji Film City has the necessary technology and facilities for this. Take four floors for this and lay the 432-foot set of ships.