Art association

The Cooperstown Art Association organized the sale of Raymond Han paintings

Both Raymond Han and Paul Kellogg loved Cooperstown and its people, and the locals loved them. They were an integral part of the Cooperstown community. They encouraged the arts in the area and collaborated with artists, encouraging many to settle here. As a painter and sculptor, Han found inspiration and subjects from friends and colleagues in the community. Upon their deaths, they established the Raymond Han and Paul Kellogg Foundation to “encourage the value of the visual and performing arts in improving the lives of all”.

As a thank you to the people of Cooperstown for their years of friendship and support, the Foundation has decided, in conjunction with the Cooperstown Art Association, to offer for sale, at very special prices, 52 of Raymond’s iconic paintings and five carvings. These paintings represent the wide and varied subject matter of Raymond’s art, from still lifes, portraits and figure paintings to genre scenes and abstracts, throughout the many years he worked and, for many residents of Cooperstown, feature familiar images, both of peonies and of people. All but one painting and 3 sculptures were sold; more than half in the first 20 minutes.

The exhibition, which perpetuated the memory of Raymond Han and Paul Kellogg among their friends and artists, took place at the Art Association from June 9 to 18. A similar exhibition is planned for June 2023.