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The Delta Record | Council approves Wilson as director of Colonial Arts Center

BUCKHANNON — At the meeting on Thursday, May 5, Buckhannon City Council approved a request to hire the General Manager of the Colonial Arts Centre. Candidate Anne Wilson wowed everyone with her enthusiasm and passion and is also an alumnus of West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Robbie Skinner called the recognized guests to the podium. The first guest to speak was John Waltz, vice president of enrollment management at West Virginia Wesleyan College and chairman of the Colonial Arts Center Theater Board. “I’m here to tell you about the progress being made at the Colonial Arts Center to bring what I think is good news to the conclusion of our research,” Waltz said. “About a year ago, it was just when we started participating in these meetings and we started by establishing a mission statement for the Colonial Arts Center and a programming policy. We finally got to the point where we realized this thing was going to happen and we needed someone to work there and use it as an engine for economic development and for tourism and for our young people more than anything. Waltz then briefly discussed the research and interview process which was noted as “extensive.” The waltz then turned to the catwalk with Colonial Arts Center Theater Board co-chair Erika Klie Kolenich.

“Good evening everyone. Thank you for allowing John and I to come and talk to you tonight,” Klie Kolenich began. arrived is that we would like to recommend Anne Wilson for the position of what we called the Director of the Colonial Arts Center as opposed to Director, so if you’ll let me explain…Anne is a wonderful young woman, who has a degree in Arts Management from West Virginia Wesleyan College and two things drew us to Anne. Those two things are growth and passion. She has more passion than anyone I’ve ever heard of this process She had tears in her eyes as she told us how when she was at university at Wesleyan and heard that Buckhannon was starting an arts center, how excited she was that she could stay in Buckhannon.

Klie Kolenich continued with more details about Wilson and the Colonial Arts Center plan. “Anne is someone who has the passion and exuberance to grow with the Colonial Arts Center. Because of that, we believe she is someone who could earn a more modest salary that would allow us to use a part of that extra money that we talked about to hire a consultant to guide Anne Wilson and the Colonial Arts Center to the successful project that we know can be done Again, she’s a wonderful young lady and she has accepted, if accepted by the board, to accept a very, what we think, is a very modest salary for the business that she’s going to do, so it’s on behalf of the Colonial Arts Center Board of Trustees , I would ask you to approve Anne Wilson as director of the Colonial Arts Center.

Mayor Skinner went on to acknowledge that he and Councilor CJ Rylands are both West Virginia Wesleyan College alumni. Mayor Skinner said: “Everything Erika has just captured is absolutely true. Anne spoke with great enthusiasm about the project and the theater itself. I think we can provide a job opportunity for a Wesleyan student who is not from Buckhannon to stay in Buckhannon.

Buckhannon City Recorder Randy Sanders also spoke about Wilson. “I agree with the mayor and with Erika and his recommendation to hire Anne Wilson,” Sanders said. “Wilson really came to life in the second interview. The first interview was solid, but she had really started to hit some home runs in that second interview and the excitement and we got to meet her one-on-one.

Councilman Pamela Bucklew also spoke about Wilson’s job application. “I can agree with what they had to say. I only got to see the second interview and she had such energy and she was very impressive that way. I think that energy is really going to show that this community is going here and I’m really excited about that,” Bucklew said.

Mayor Skinner then requested a motion which was first granted by Councilor Bucklew and seconded by Councilor Rylands. Following the board’s decision, it was also noted that Wilson will take office as soon as possible. Buckhannon Town Council will hold its next regular meeting on Tuesday, May 17 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers.