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The Gibraltar Body Art Association holds an annual festival

The Gibraltar Body Art Association held its ninth annual body art festival in May 2022.

This year’s theme was “80’s Retro Neon” and nostalgia played a big part in many of the entries.

Entries had three to ten hours to produce a final piece, which was then submitted to their respective judging team.

“Like many others we are slowly returning to traditional events, we have decided to hold the festival partly online and partly in person,” said a spokesperson for the Gibraltar Body Art Association.

“As is tradition, we presented different categories including body paint and special effects. With a mix of online and live events, this raised new challenges for the committee and organizers, such as judging (virtually, electronically, etc.)”

“For this reasoning, we could maximize participants who would still want to participate in some way, but who may or may not have still been affected by certain restrictions in their local areas.”

“Another major change between online and physical that was of most concern was the timing of individual category days; again, rather than being limited to regional regulations, we ran the festival throughout the month; in which this time we had participants from all over the world; including Gibraltar; UK; Italy; Japan; USA; Mexico, Australia and France, who were able to prepare and submit their various applications without worrying of a fixed date, as a 2-3 day festival is usually held.

This year’s judging panel was diverse, with a team of international guests who have worked in their respective makeup, film and film industries and who volunteered their time to review each of the entries individually or by zoom.

“There, each entry was reviewed and analyzed from various aspects, the brush stroke, the line work, the theme, the story behind the idea, the overall look, etc. The winners were announced a few days after the closing of the festival and the points collected and counted,” the spokesperson said. said.

“We at the association would like to thank the Gibraltar Ministry of Culture for all their help with the festival; not to mention all the amazing models, artists, judges and photographers who put in so much time and effort without which this incredible event would not have happened; with our sponsors.

Complete gallery of entrants and categories and to be found on the Associations website or alternatively in their Facebook group.


Body painting category – 1st Ulianka Maksymiuk Square

Body painting category – 2n/a Giovanna Patta Square

Body Painting Category – 3rd Kellie Driscoll Square

Special effects category – 1st Place Caroline Healy

Special Effects Category – 2n/a Kelly Jelavich Square