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The manager of a popular vintage shop in Nottingham explains why it’s so ‘fresh’

The manager of a charity vintage clothing store praised the volunteer work of students in the community. Without the students, the store would not have a “fresh” atmosphere.

The Sue Ryder store in Goosegate, Hockley, sells vintage and retro items. Over the past four years, store manager Sophie Stephens has seen many students come and go to volunteer.

Up to 20 students in the creative course at Nottingham Trent University are currently volunteering at the shop. Ms. Stephens praised the students for their help in organizing a fashion show.

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She said: “We’ve always had a vibrant student base and a good relationship with the initiative students who bring that energy. We are connected to the fashion revolution society, they were great and helped me a lot.

The show takes place on Saturday (April 2). The items on display will all be handmade garments and the items will be available for purchase in store. Ms Stephens said: “The students helped promote the show on social media and many behind the scenes elements and took over with the planning which I left open.

“The visual merchandising team did the window display, I like to give people a chance to express themselves and we brought in models to do a dress rehearsal which was really funny.” Several students helped prepare for the fashion show, including fashion design, photography and fashion marketing students.

Handmade items are designed to be unisex and fit all sizes. Ms. Stephens talked about student engagement.

She said, “It’s inspiring to see students and to be surrounded by this charisma that NTU students have and this great energy. I think Saturday will be really good. In the past we have done poetry workshops and a variety of events in collaboration with the community.

“The store has really benefited from the volunteering and the students say they have work to do and the deadlines are really passionate and committed. Without the students the store wouldn’t be so fresh and there wouldn’t be any vibrant energy.

“We’re trying to create a supportive atmosphere for them and they love shopping here, there’s such a sense of community at Hockley and since reopening people have been so generous with their donations.” On the day of the event, Sue Ryder will be offering 20% ​​off in-store handmade items and donated items.

Nottingham Trent’s Head of Strategic Partnership, Maggie Burnett, said: “This is a fantastic example of creative collaboration in the city. It involves students from a wide range of courses at Nottingham School of Art & Design working with the Sue Ryder organization for positive benefit and a shared community experience.

“Over 20 students offered their creative talents to bring this event to life in a unique and impactful way; their artistic ideas and design input were invaluable. It was also a great opportunity to develop our relationship with the local Sue Ryder team.

“Sophie is very innovative in her approach to running the Nottingham store. She is open to new ideas and passionate about providing a positive work experience for our students who volunteer to work there.” The fashion show begins at 3 p.m. on Saturday.