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The suicide case of artistic director Raju Satpute takes a political turn | Hindi movie news


The Raju Satpute suicide case has taken on a whole new political turn. Satpute, an artistic director in the film and television industry, had recently committed suicide after releasing a video moments before his unfortunate end. In the video, Satpute alleged that he was troubled by Rakesh Morya of Film Studio Setting and Allied Mazdoor Union, where the latter caused Satpute to lose several film and television projects. Now, a delegation of film and television staff led by Ameya Khopkar from MNS Cine Wing has decided to meet with MNS chief Raj Thackeray on Tuesday morning.

When ETimes contacted Ameya Khopkar, he said, “We will discuss with Raj Thackeray that no union member, nor anyone from MNS, should be allowed to go to a set to demand membership or create any other pressure. undue on the members of the fraternity. “Khopkar has sent his associates and party members to meet the whole brotherhood and he is confident that most of the technicians from all film departments will attend the meeting with Thackeray.

The same delegation will also meet with Joint Police Commissioner Vishwas Nagre Patil to call for police intervention if producers and technicians are troubled by the cinema union in the future.

Rakesh Morya, on the other hand, had revealed that when he learned of the video of Satpute announcing his intention to kill himself, the first, with the help of the general secretary of All India Camera Technicians, contacted the police with the aim to save Satpute. . But the unfortunate incident could not be avoided despite the best efforts of the police in Mumbai and Pune.


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