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Two local artists explore “Spirit” in solo exhibitions at the Seacoast Art Association

EXETER — “I believe there is deep value in the process and enjoyment of the arts,” North Hampton’s Inger Gregory says of her ‘Exploring the Beauty and Mystery of a Spiritual Path’ show, which debuts in may. “As a former arts educator, I strongly believe that creativity and imaginative thinking should be actively supported in education. The arts are one of the best ways to deepen understanding of diverse cultures, develop empathy and respect for all Over time, the arts can reveal the intentions, thoughts, very souls of individuals, communities and nations, becoming the metaphorical mirrors of life offering the “Gifts of Civilizations”.

“I also believe that individually each artist ‘dips their brush into their own soul.’ I find this quote such an affirmative statement that eliminates the need to compare individuals and their unique ways of expression. Focusing on one’s thought process and recognizing repeating patterns can help reveal one’s authentic self.

Gregory is a retired art teacher who enjoys creating art from his studio in North Hampton, NH. She has always considered herself an advocate for the arts and has served on various boards of art associations. Currently, she sits on the board of a non-profit organization called Artists Building Capacity as World Citizens.

Using the medium of alcohol inks, much of his current work is inspired by the beautiful spiritual metaphors found in the writings of the Baha’i Faith. His work has evolved over the years from a desire for realism to more abstract modes of expressing “the awe and beauty of life”.

“Spirit of the Trees #3” an acrylic by Janice Olenio-Michienzi.

Janice Olenio-Michienzi also explores the spirit in her exhibition of acrylic works, “Dryads: Tree Spirits”. Artist Seabrook says, “In ancient tales of Greek mythology, a peaceful spirit of nature who lives in trees is believed to take the form of a woman and is a guardian spirit who simply guards the trees that they live. The Greeks also believe that tree spirits can speak with animals that use trees as homes.

“After high school, I attended Northeastern University, Boston, to become an X-ray/mammography technologist, got married, had two children, and worked over 40 years in this profession. little time to devote to my creative side, but I have always found time to paint or create and give myself time to relax. Now that I am retired, I am free to indulge in all my passions.

“When I was 27 I took a Tole painting class which piqued my interest in continuing. I paint in oils and acrylics and have also done a bit of pastel. I love bring serenity to my paintings and I love painting animals. Painting is just one way for me to express myself with my divine gift of creativity. I also love crafts and I always have many ongoing projects. Gardening and garden design is also a passion, and I’m glad it’s seasonal, so I can spend my time in creative expression, whether that’s with paints and brushes, crafts paper manuals, embellished decoupage, fabric design or working with seashells.’ Janice also currently has a pair of paintings, ‘Havana Nights’, on display at the SAA Spring Show at Exeter Inn.

See these two May Body of Work exhibitions at the Seacoast Artist Association in Exeter city center until Sunday 29 May. Please join them for a second Artist Reception on Friday, May 13 from 5-7 p.m. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Parking is free. See more at and follow them on Facebook.