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User Solutions publishes Resource Manager-DB with EDGE (Enhanced Drag and Drop Graphical Environment)

Viking Forge, LLC, is a state-of-the-art custom forging company located in Northeast Ohio. Viking Forge produces made-to-order parts that are not only scheduled months into the future, but also subject to fluctuations in demand and changes in customers. Especially during the pandemic, the supply chain was severely disrupted. Viking needs to provide more accurate promise dates, increase production efficiency, reduce inventory overhead, and have the visibility to expedite orders on demand. The caveat was that they had to accomplish all of this without increasing user complexity.

Uncertain promise dates caused by fluctuating demand and unforeseen events can only be addressed by a system that takes into account the reality of the plant, such as finite capacity constraints, alternate work centers and maintenance / downtime. Without it, the promise dates for new and existing customers, who may need to change order quantities on their own to respond to demands from their own supply chain, are not as precise. In addition, the ERP system “backloads” the purchase of material only based on standard, forecasted demand and static lead times, resulting in costly inventory much longer than necessary. Finally, there is no way to translate the MRP and production schedule into an accurate and easy to understand graphical view for the production floor.

Solution: production planning the customer’s way, leveraging existing data

Roger koeberle, President of Viking Forge, contacted User Solutions, of South of Lyon MI to help. According to Roger, “User Solutions was able to easily adapt their core production planning offering (Resource Manager-DB) to use our existing MRP data. considerations), then applied finite capacity constraints as well as priorities for customer promise dates to create a viable schedule. Roger continues, “With the right schedule, RMDB seamlessly updates our ERP to run MRP, achieving just-in-time materials management. This translates into a significant reduction in inventory storage costs. “

Additionally, we can now display the final schedule in a simple and intuitive graphical interface using User Solutions ‘new Enhanced Drag n’ Drop Graphical Environment (EDGE). EDGE facilitates all last-minute adjustments which typically mirror real-time adjustments via mouse clicks or touchscreen movements, much like a visual, intelligent whiteboard. Roger concludes: “With RMDB and EDGE, for the first time, we can accurately cite viable promise dates and meet them. It’s totally refreshing to work with an organization that is willing to tailor their offerings to meet our needs, rather than the other way around. We have a multi-year, multi-user investment in our ERP system and User Solutions’ tools will allow us to continue to use and get great return for years to come. “

About Us: Since 1991, User Solutions has provided affordable, intuitive and adaptable production planning solutions. Now, Resource Manager-DB with EDGE is the first tool that can be used across the entire manufacturing spectrum, from small workshops without a formal system in place to large enterprises to complement existing ERP systems. Visit (800) -321-USER (8737).

SOURCE User Solutions, Inc.

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