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‘Valorant’ Art Director Responds To Criticism Over Upcoming Skin Pack

Valorant Art Director Sean Marino responded to criticism of a new skin pack being added to the game and explained why some cosmetic features aren’t appearing on all weapons.

On March 23, 100 Thieves owner Matthew “Nadeshot” Hagg posted a tweet that criticized an Endeavor skin for the Vandal weapon in Valorant.

“With no disrespect to Riot and the design team, but I think I speak for everyone that if a bundle doesn’t come with alternate colors and special effects, the bundle is already chalked. So much potential with this one too,” wrote Hagg.

In turn, Valorant art director Marino responded with a message he shared on Twitter. “I want to use this as an educational moment and also give some insight into how the whole development process works for skins,” Marino wrote.

“The point is, anything and everything can always be more. We have to compromise. »

“If we put 150% into everything, the team would burn out, skins would take a lot longer to come out, and everything would be incredibly expensive. Nobody wins in this world. We sometimes push on things that we think will be most meaningful to gamers.

Marino went on to explain how the Valorant Gaia’s Vengeance Cosmetic Pack has been delayed an entire year just to add effects, audio, and color variants. He also noted how developing weapon skins is not a straightforward process. “It’s not just about sticking camouflage on a gun and calling it a day, or picking a single color from a wheel. If it was that simple, every other game would.

Marino ended by asking Valorant players to reframe reviews to be more constructive rather than just saying things like “this package sucks”. And also remarked that “as rioters and Valorant developers, we choose to engage with the community in these discussions because it’s important to have that connection, to talk about things instead of ignoring them, and to make sure that every decision we make is the one that’s right for you. profit first, not us.

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