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Weekend Events: Art Critic Show, Bubble Show


SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – We’ve partnered with the team at Hoodline – the super local neighborhood website for finding weekend activities in and around the Bay Area.

The art critic comedy show
Jeremy Talamantes and Jordan Cerminara are looking for bad art. They comb through thrift stores, garage sales, and other places generally little known for their masterpieces. “Sometimes we find stuff on the floor,” Cerminara said.

They specialize in turning comedy junk into gold and run a monthly show called “The Art Critique Comedy Show”. The concept is simple. “We’re putting on five thrift store art pieces and the comedians don’t care and auction them off at the end,” Cerminara told ABC7 News while preparing for her latest art gallery exhibit at The Castro. .
One of the artwork they’ll be roasting on this week is a small piece depicting what looks like a green worm if a green worm had googly eyes stuck together and was sitting in front of a giant apple. “This one we call harmful teachers,” said Talamantes. I mentioned to him that the French impressionist Edgar Degas generally did not use googly eyes in his work. “Well, some French painters have done it,” Talamantes said without skipping a beat. “Do they have it? I asked.

His response: “Well, I took art history at City College. So as far as I know, yes.”

The following critical painting shows a vaguely tropical scene with two naked stick-type figures in the foreground. The man is looking for a lemon while the woman is lounging on the beach.

Jordan Cerminara embarks on comic murder. “I feel like it’s more like when Gauguin went to Tahiti, but he came back without talent.”

To witness this kind of bad art savagery yourself, come on the third Friday of each month at Art Attack SF. Tickets are limited and usually sell out.

Click here for more information.

Amazing bubble show
Square bubbles, bubbles inside the bubbles, bubbles filled with fog, giant bubbles, bubble volcanoes people inside the bubbles.

It’s the incredible Bubble Show. Two performances on Sunday afternoon at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda.

Click here for ticket information.

Star Wars Symphony Show
And if you’re into Star Wars, it’ll never sound better than with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra playing the movie soundtrack live. The original Triology’s performances begin this weekend with Episode IV and the following two films airing over the next two weeks.

Click here for more information.

MORE TO DO: Take advantage of the weekend and don’t forget to check out Hoodline’s events calendar for more ideas.

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