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Whoopi Goldberg denounces the “humiliating” criticism of “Till”

On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg felt compelled to deliver a “demeaning” review of her appearance in Emmett Till’s biopic “Till.”

The ‘The View’ moderator, who produced and starred in the historical drama, spoke about the aftermath of Till’s lynching in 1955 amid the systemic racism that continues to plague the United States. She then launched into a criticism of the movie that seemed to piss her off: that she wore a big costume to portray Till’s grandmother, Alma Carthan.

“There was a young lady writing for one of the magazines, and she got distracted by my big suit in her review,” Goldberg said on the show. “I don’t care how you felt about the movie, but you should know it wasn’t a big costume. It was me, yeah. It was steroids…I guess you’re not watching [‘The View’]or you would know it wasn’t a big suit.

The remarks appeared to be aimed at a daily beast review of “Till” which has since been updated with an editor’s note to include Goldberg’s comments.

Goldberg, 66, was hospitalized last year with pneumonia and developed sepsis, which led her to take time off from her ABC show while recovering. She also battled sciatica, a type of nerve pain treated with steroids, and started using a walker. (Goldberg is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year, she was suspended for two weeks by ABC News after making controversial comments about the Holocaust.)

It’s “OK not to be a fan of a movie,” she said Monday, but asked the writers to “keep people out” of their reviews.

“I’m sure you didn’t mean to be humiliating,” she added.

The EGOT winner was backed by her co-hosts, who expressed concern that the writer hung on to this aspect of the film.

“We hope she just didn’t know, and now she knows the next time you talk about someone, you can talk about them as an actor,” Goldberg added. “If you’re not sure it’s them in there, don’t make sweeping statements because it makes you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.”

In MGM’s “Till,” Danielle Deadwyler plays Till’s mother, Mamie Till Mobley, during her quest for justice for her 14-year-old son, two poignant figures in the civil rights movement. The film – which also stars Jalyn Hall, premiering Saturday at the New York Film Festival and hitting theaters October 14 – is already generating Oscar buzz as this year’s awards season approaches.

“People need to know the story of Emmett Till because systemic racism has very long tentacles,” Goldberg said Monday. “It attracts a lot of people and a lot of people are now erased from the history books. And that’s what systemic racism leads to.

A new trailer for the film dropped on Tuesday. Watch it below.