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Why do applicants live in a warehouse? The artistic director explains

Squid game suddenly took Netflix by storm, as the show perfectly incorporates stress, truths, emotions, a twisted ending, and a beautiful whole. On its surface, the South Korean show has 456 players taking part in six children’s games for a hefty sum of money – and if they lose, they die. But the show goes a lot deeper into what it means to be human. And the art director explored even more meaning through the warehouse on Squid game the cast has lived.

The cast of “Squid Game” spoke about the beauty of the set

Cast ‘Squid Game’ | Youngkyu Park / Netflix

The Squid game the actors loved the incredible sets as much as the fans. Each children’s game offered a new opportunity to continue telling the story through props and scenography. And Gi-hun actor Lee Jung-jae spoke to Netflix on his first feelings upon entering the set.

“Coming into the film set on the first day, we were busy taking pictures,” he said. “The decor was almost dreamlike.

“I imagine a photo of the sets, but the real sets were completely different,” added Wi Ha-jun, the actor who played cop Jun-ho.

Jung Ho-yeon, the beloved model who played Sae-Byeok, also commented on the dreamlike side of the design. “To be in the scene was very fantastic,” she said. “It was like being in a fantasy world.” On the contrary, she mentioned that what the characters went through was very “emotional” and “dramatic” in relation to the sets.

Artistic director explained why contestants live in a warehouse throughout the show

While the Squid game the actors loved the sets in the games, the life situation of the characters was much less fantastic. Between games, each player resides in a warehouse where they sleep in bunk beds and receive daily food from the guards. The walls of the warehouse have decals showing each upcoming match, but the contestants don’t seem to notice.

“The art director came up with a store-warehouse concept,” director Hwang Dong-hyuk said in an interview. “Rather than treating them like people, she suggested that the candidates be presented as objects stacked on the warehouse shelves.”

Artistic Director Chae Kyoung-sun explained her vision for the warehouse decor. “When we were creating the set of spaces, we thought of the abandoned people on the streets,” she said in a video with the director and cast members. ”… I saw them as people with nowhere to go. So I used the material they use for the tunnels. Since modern society is in constant competition to move up the ranks, we thought to represent this in the design of the bed.

“Even the person at the top feels this terror,” Chae continued.

Additionally, Hwang explained that the setup allowed guards to monitor all participants at a glance. “If we stack the beds like a pyramid, or the Colosseum, or the crowd in a stadium, it gives the visuals of a combat arena,” he noted.

Can the “Squid Game” happen in real life? The director spoke about the actual themes of the show

“Squid game” | Youngkyu Park / Netflix

Many fans loved how real the Netflix series was, mainly thanks in part to the excellent acting of the Squid game to throw. Although it is not clear if Squid game would never happen in real life, director Hwang noted that the series certainly picks up on real-life themes.

“I wanted to make a connection between the nostalgic games we played in our childhood and the feeling of endless competition that modern adults have,” Hwang said, according to NME. “There is an irony in our most beautiful and innocent memories which are turned into the most gruesome reality.”

Will fans have a Squid game Season 2? While the Squid game the cast appears to be on board, the director will have to consider. “I don’t have well-developed plans for Squid game 2 ”said Hwang Variety. “It’s pretty tiring just thinking about it. But if I had to do it, I certainly wouldn’t do it alone. I would consider using a writers’ room and would like several experienced directors.

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