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Wickford Art Association Presents Its “A” Game in New Exhibition | Arts and life


NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI – The letter “a” stands for a lot of things. It is the first letter of the alphabet. It is the third most commonly used letter in the English language and the most commonly used in the Italian, Portuguese and Turkish languages. This is the scarlet letter, top rating, and the name of an elite commando unit featuring MT

This is also the theme of the latest exhibition at the Wickford Art Association, “A is For …”, which begins Friday, runs through May 2 and features 71 pieces from a variety of artistic styles that all begin by the letter ‘a,’ including the abstract, avant-garde, art deco, art nouveau and more.

“When we prepared the exhibition calendar for 2021, we thought it would be great to refresh some of the annual exhibitions that we have produced in the past – one of which was ‘Abstract / Avant Garde’ – and we also have seek to place this exhibition in the spring rather than in the fall, where it has often landed in recent years, ”said Catherine Gagnon, director of the WAA gallery. “As it turns out, there are a ton of genres that start with the letter a, so we thought this might be a fun way to expand this abstract / avant-garde exhibit to encompass new things without completely eliminating the abstract and avant-garde (pieces), simply expanding the scope of this particular exhibition.

In figuring out how to develop the Abstract / Avant-Garde theme, Gagnon said they had started playing with the different number of art genres starting with the letter, and figured April would be the perfect time to welcome it.

“A is for April,” Gagnon said. “A designates the abstract and the avant-garde, but also opens styles to any artistic genre starting with the letter a. art nouveau, so it was very interesting to see how our normal clientele of exhibitors expanded and explored new styles within their particular medium.

The juror of the exhibition is Lee Chabot, painter of Harmony and co-founder of the Cabot Fine Art Gallery, who chose the 71 pieces in the exhibition out of more than 130 entries.

“It was fun to review the various colorful compositions they made and the different media used by the artists,” said Chabot. “I think because it was more of an abstract type of theme that he encouraged different media, different people, different artists to come into the show.”

Chabot particularly appreciated the opportunities offered by the more open theme.

“I thought the theme was quite interesting and I encouraged the artists to think about their style, how it would fit into this theme,” said Chabot. “I found the theme to make it very interesting and stimulating. The techniques and everything else and the way they were creatively applied to the theme was really good. “

Gagnon brought in Chabot to have a new face in the district’s legal pool and said she was impressed with how he swore the show and the variety of mediums in the genres he went with.

“The collection he chose for this show is quite large,” said Gagnon. “There is a very balanced representation of sculpture, painting and photography. We don’t tend to have a ton of sculptures in our exhibits and in Wickford, but a nice assortment is on offer this time around.

While she had not yet seen all the pieces in person before the start of the exhibition, Gagnon said she was pleasantly surprised by the tone of the chosen works.

“The job, for the most part, looking at electronic pictures, which is all I have seen so far, is very cheerful and I was actually surprised considering the year we have had, considering the state of things as a whole in our communities how joyful the work is, and it was very encouraging and very interesting, ”said Gagnon.“ Lots of great color palettes and a lot of work that really evokes your imagination. “

It is this sense of optimism and cheerfulness in particular that Gagnon hopes gallery visitors, in person and online, gain from the experience and implement into their own creative endeavors.

“I hope that by visiting the exhibition, visitors will derive this feeling of optimism and cheerfulness from this collection of works,” said Gagnon. “Also, because we’re exploring these new stylistic genres through this exhibit (hopefully) it also gives them insights into the creative process and maybe exploring a little outside of their own boxes if they are, in fact. , creative individuals themselves. I think a lot of our visitors appreciate the artwork, they’ve certainly enjoyed the Abstract / Avant Garde show in the past, so it’s just going to give them something more in that sense. that these pieces extend beyond the definition of the abstract and the avant-garde, to allow for a more inclusive exhibition.

For Chabot, he believes that visitors will be delighted and hopes that they will appreciate the uniqueness and the great variety of the pieces.

“I think the people who come to see the show are going to really enjoy it,” said Chabot. “I hope they enjoy it and I hope they enjoy the interpretations the artists have come up with on the theme and how they interpreted it and how they applied it to their medium, whatever it is. either, whatever technique, whatever medium they used – whether doing oil or pastel or acrylic or even sculpture. There are only a few pieces of it. sculpture involved in the whole exhibit.I must have seen it several times to tell you the truth because it was such a variety and it was different from other things that I have sworn before.

“A is For …” is set to debut on Friday with one-hour touring sessions in small groups of 15 people that will start at 3 p.m. and run at 4 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Friday. The gallery will be open during normal hours Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m., with the exhibition running until May 2. The next exhibit, the Juried-Artist-Member (JAM) All Media Invitational, will debut on May 7th.

For more information on the Wickford Art Association, visit their website,


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