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Winners announced for Gibraltar Body Art Association competition

The Gibraltar Body Art Association recently held their online Christmas competition, the winners of which have now been announced.

Giovanna Patta won the first prize in the competition which was attended by 55 teams with 66 unique entries from 17 countries.

“Due to supervised and recommended restrictions, we have decided to make some changes to our typical online Christmas contest and extend the period to this year’s contest, which ran throughout December and early January. “, said the Association.

“It gave a greater chance for a number of participants to be able to meet each other and it was the perfect time after such a long period of being away from each other to show their unique skills and varied designs.”
The awards were presented by international winner and guest judge Pashur.

The Gibraltar Body Art Association is looking forward to the 2022 Gibraltar Body Art Annual Festival and potential Photo Gallery.

For more information on any of these events contact their social media platforms or email the Association at [email protected] or visit their website:

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Winner – Giovanna Patta
Second place – Claudia Priorini
Third place – Victoria Emma
Most unique design – Svetlana Tatarkina
Best face – Vyzy One
Honorable mention – Serena Dalla Torre
Honorable mention – Anna Penazzo
Honorable mention – Claudia Priorini
Honorable mention – Marzia Bedeschi