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Yankees manager’s son Aaron Boone to play football at WestConn

It seems interesting that with baseball being part of the Boone family for generations, Aaron’s son is turning to football, but there is a good reason.

Baseball has definitely been a part of the Aaron Boone family for years. The Yankee Manager’s grandfather, Ray Boone, started the family baseball tradition when he made headlines right after WWII, and then Ray’s son Bob had a pretty decent MLB career with the Philadelphia Phillies where he was 4 times World and All-Star Champion, and Bob’s two sons, Aaron and Brett, both had successful runs with a few different teams.

So why isn’t one of Aaron’s sons playing baseball? It may have to do with where he was born and raised.

According to sportscasting.comJeanel Boone was adopted by the Boones after Aaron’s wife Laura carried out a humanitarian mission in Haiti shortly after the country was struck by a catastrophic earthquake. She met Jeanel during this mission and adopted him. Laura returned to Haiti later that same year and adopted Jeanel’s younger brother.

The Boones have two biological children of their own and added the other two adopted sons in 2014.

Jeanel attended Greenwich High School where he was captain of the school’s football team and helped lead them to the FCIAC Championship game in 2019.

After graduating last June, Jeanel enlisted at Western Connecticut State University and secured a spot on the high-performing men’s soccer team.

Here’s a highlight reel that was made when Jeanel was a senior at Greenwich High.

So don’t be surprised if you are in the stands for one of WestConn’s men’s soccer games and see Aaron in the stands near you cheering on his son.

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