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Zhu Appointed Director of Chinese Contemporary Art Center | change face

XIAOWEN ZHU will take over the management of the Center for Contemporary Chinese Art Manchester (CFCCA) in June.

She will succeed the interim CEO. WHAT SINDENwho has held the position since recruiting for a new director began last fall after the organization was accused of “organizational yellowing” earlier in the year.

Zhu was previously assistant director at the Times Art Center Berlin and has worked as a director, author and lecturer in Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles and London.

The CFCCA says it will strive “to broaden its reach in the art world and in society through a revamped cross-cultural curriculum and a dynamic, reactivated research framework,” under Zhu’s leadership.

Its galleries are due to reopen to the public next year after closing in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic.

Zhu says she is excited to join and lead the center.

“I look forward to working closely with the Board to set our goals for the years to come and to build a new team that is both committed to our mission and creative in thinking and getting things done.”

The organization also welcomes five new directors – PHILOMENE CHEN, SIMON LI, YUNG MAaaajiao (aka XU WENKAI) and BONNIE YOUNG – to its board of directors.

President of the council NICK BUCKLEY WOOD says the new trustees will help the institution enter the next stage of its development, focusing on “diversity, digitization, sustainability, intercultural dialogue and, above all, major exhibitions for the public”.