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Zimbabwe: Zmc Manager appointed Acting Secretary

The Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) has appointed Mr Academy Bvumayi Chinamora as Acting Secretary following the retirement of Dr Tafataona Mahoso.

Mr. Chinamasa’s appointment has been effective since April 1.

Mr. Chinamhora is the current director of ZMC responsible for research, training and development.

Dr Mahoso retired earlier this year as he had reached retirement age. Dr Mahoso was the managing director of ZMC, but the office is now managed by a secretary.

In a statement yesterday, the Chairman of the Board of ZMC, Professor Ruby Magosvongwe, said: “The Secretary reports to and services the Board in addition to being in charge of the operations of ZMC, including actively engaging in relevant issues affecting the commission’s constitutional mandate and helping to find solutions.

Mr. Chinamhora has been a director of ZMC since responsible for research, training and development since 2012.

He holds an undergraduate degree in politics and administration from the University of Zimbabwe which he obtained in 1987. He also obtained a master’s degree in international relations.

Mr. Chinamhora worked in information, post and telecommunications from 1992 to 2002, after which he joined the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.

He joined the then Media Information Commission in 2006, which transformed into the ZMC in 2009 as a constitutional body advocating for constitutionalism and democracy through the media.

“We look forward to working well with Mr. Chinamhora in his role,” Prof. Magosvongwe said.